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Welcome to Grid Bids

Grid Bids is a game hosted as part of Farzad's F1 Gallery. Farzad is me, Farzad Bakhtiar and the Gallery is a long running website dedicated to F1 multimedia content. I started that site in 1995 and through all the up's and down's the site is still going strong. One day before the 2001 season a bunch of geeks were sitting around contemplating their picks for the legendary F1 Pick 6 game and as they were discussing the game they starting thinking how it could be improved. Don't get me wrong, I love F1 Pick 6 and I've been playing it nonstop since 1995 but there had to be a game that was just as simple yet required a bit more strategy. And so Grid Bids was born. The geeks (that would be me and my friends Rob and Jay) made up the rules and the method of play and then invited 7 other people to give it a trial run over last season. Well it went really well as we found it made us discuss the races in great detail and as such we tried to figure out what tracks suited which driver and even kept a keen eye on the weather reports. In other words it got us even more involved in a sport we already loved. And that, as Martha Stewart would say, is a good thing. I decided to take it online this year and see if other people enjoy it just as much.

But enough history, so what is it? Well it's a game run over the entire Formula One season. Grid Bids is a cross between a fantasy game and a simple pick 'em game. You get 30 points per race and you can spend your points on drivers any way you like. The drivers you pick then earn you points according to the order they finish in the top ten classifications. A better explanation of the game is available on the submit picks page.

For now there are no prizes other than big bragging rights but in the future who knows! I might add news to this website from time to time but if you really want discuss the upcoming races with other Grid Bidders then the place to do that is on the message board

So what's next? Well sign up for an account and then hit the main page and familiarize yourself with the site before making your picks for your first race. If you have more questions feel free to the contact us at

We hope you enjoy the game.

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